• ‘Tailor-made’ lessons adjusted to your learning needs
    I will help you explore the subject chosen by you (daily language, bussiness conversations, traveling etc.). Free teaching materials prepared based on your choice.
  • Lessons based on the book “Hurra! Po polsku 1” by A. Szymkiewicz & M. Malolepsza
    It covers basic Polish grammar and vocabulary. I recommend it to anyone who would like to communicate in Polish in typical everyday situations. The list of subjects includes: introducing yourself and getting information from the speaker, small talks, going shopping, going to a restaurant etc.
  • Preparation for Polish State Certificate Exam
    Certificate in Polish as a foreign language is the only state document confirming the proficiency in the Polish language. A growing number of Poles living abroad take the examination, as they consider command of Polish as their chief asset on the global labour market. Very often Polish employers demand a certificate in Polish from foreigners applying for positions requiring communication in the language.
  • I will also help you to prepare to an important event
    like job interview, presentation at work or wedding speech


Are you busy at work? Unable to attend a lesson? Book your Skype lesson today!


My current base rate is £25 per hour for a 1 to 1 lesson and £18 for a Skype session. This includes traveling (£5 extra for traveling outside zone 3) and teaching materials, such as worksheets and preparation time for the lessons (books are not included but can be provided). After a trial lesson, which will enable me to assess your goals, the present knowledge of the language and discuss possible options, you can choose one of the following packages:

– 4 sessions x 1h – £100
– 4 sessions x 1,5h – £130 (£21,6 per hour)
– 9 sessions x 1h – £200 (one lesson free)

– 4 sessions x 1h – £72
– 4 sessions x 1,5h – £96 (£16 per hour)
– 9 sessions x 1h – £144 (one lesson free)


Are you looking for a unique gift for someone special? Gift voucher for Polish lessons could be a great solution!